4 Ways to Lighten up Your Relationship

If couples were treating each other the same way as they did in the beginning of their relationships, the divorce rate was going to be much lower.

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In such a dynamic world, sometimes we do not have that much time left for our loved ones. We listed 4 simple ways about how to lighten up you relationship, which do not even require much time.

1. Compliment your partner

Do you remember how you used to compliment each other all the time? Why did you stop? People who are in long-lasting relationships often treat their partner as their possession. They think that there is no need to fight for them because they already “own” them. 

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Well, the truth is, people love compliments, especially those said by their loved ones. Why don’t you try compliment each other at least once per day and see what happens. I guarantee you the result will surprise you! 

2. The 3 magical words

Many people haven’t said these words to their partners for so long, that they’ve probably forgot their meaning. Even though, your partners “know” you love them, do not forget to tell them from time to time. 

I say it to my partner everyday, but if you think that’s too much, try at least saying it once a week. In a while you’ll understand why people say that these words are magical. 

3. Listen

Even if the topics your partner picks are boring, pointless or insignificant to you, listen, because it matters to your spouse! Listen and try to understand! They surely would appreciate that you are showing interest in what matters to them. 

4. Support your partner

It’s not only about being together in the good times, but to face the bad times together as well, right? So, be there for them, hear them out, show that you understand what they are going through. Sometimes, even just your presence in the room is helpful enough. The feeling that not just someone, but your closest person understands is one of the best feelings in the world. 

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