My Traffic Exploded Because of These 3 Blog Posts

I am quite new in this blogging world and this is something I was expecting to happen at least 2/3 months after creating my blog. I choose lifestyle blogging because I am interested in many different topics and this is also definitely paying off. 
I am still learning how to proper format blog posts: text, design, pictures and so on, therefore I was not expecting to get so much readers.

The first blog post was about being healthy and protecting yourself during COVID-19 outbreak - Tips for Staying Healthy. I outlined some mandatory things you must keep in mind. I choose this topic because it’s up-to-date. I got a lot of traffic from the platforms I posted it on, but also I got a lot of organic traffic from google search.

The second blog post was suggesting different things you can do while staying at home - STAY HAPPY AT HOME [FEW IDEAS FOR SURVIVING SELF-ISOLATION]. I choose this topic for the same reasons as the first one and again I got a lot social and organic traffic. 

The third blog post was about things you could do to lighten up your relationship - 4 Simple Ways to Lighten Up Your Relationship

I believe my traffic increased mainly because of the following reasons:

1. Topics which never get old
2. Pictures improvement 
3.  Shorter paragraphs
4. Text design
5.  More advertising 

You can also check my post How I boosted my blog traffic for more information 

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