Newbie blogger: How I got my first 2 000 visitors

I watched hundreds of videos and read thousands of articles before I start. I set up domain, emails etc., customised themes many times before I found the one that I like best, changed the posts: key words, pictures, font, size, the length of the paragraphs etc., and I am even still working on it. 

What brought me most traffic is the following: 


Don’t be afraid to share one article few times, it won’t reach the same people. I share mines 3 times per day. 

  • Pinterest: this is the platform that works best for me and strongly recommend it to you. I got 3,3k impressions within 5/6 days. 

  • Facebook: I paid for adverts on this platform and got around 200 clicks, but I quit for now and do not recommend it to newbies

  • Instagram: It’s quite hard at the beginning but worked really good for me. Don’t be afraid to follow, many people will follow you back. Also add as many hashtags as you can(maximum is 30#)

Photo Design(Pinterest Pins)

Note:  The photo design always matters regardless of where you are going to post your photos. I am mainly talking about Pinterest because I get most traffic from there. 

  • I use the app Phonto, to edit text and photos and it’s really easy to use, said by a person who just started learning how to use such apps

  • I also key words in pinterest search and check out how famous bloggers do the  design of their photos (after I started designing my photos in a similar way, I got more people clicking on my links). 

Description (Pinterest Pins):

Note: It is good to write a description regardless of where you are going to post it. I am mainly talking about Pinterest because I get most traffic from there. 

  • I get more clicks on pins which have description

  • This way you are giving more information about your blog post to your viewers 

  • Also, by including key words, it helps you reach more people

Post regularly:

  • It’s hard to post regularly if that’s not your main job, which is my case. What I find really helpful is scheduling my posts. 

  • I am getting much more traffic when I post regularly compared to when I post just once a week. 

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me, I’ll be happy to help you! 

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