Stay Happy at Home [few ideas for surviving self-isolation]

You, yes you, the one who is reading this. First of all, we want you to take a deep breathe, exhale and now smile! Now, you can keep reading.

Millions of people would have to stay at home. It sounds horrific at first, but on a second thought, this just might be the rest you needed so badly. The idea that you cannot leave home because is dangerous could drive you crazy, but let us suggest something, think of it this way: you will get some proper rest, you will spend some quality time and reconnect on a different level with your loved ones and you will have a lot of time for yourself.

Here are some suggestions that you might like when you run out of ideas: 

1. Re-decorate your home/room or display some items that bring happy memories

Don’t you think it’s quite time to change something about your home? Well, now you have plenty of time to do that. You might as well do it together with other family members. That way you could talk, bond, plan together, share thoughts and ideas. You can display items that are valuable to all of you, talk about them and why they bring such happy memories.
Note: Even if you are staying with your roommates etc., pick your most valuable items, show them to each other and tell the story behind them. This is a great way to get to know the people around you.

2. Set a happy hour

Having in mind the fact, that you are going to spend a lot of time together, you can set a happy hour and do some fun activities together.

- talk about fun memories you have with each other

- talk about the things you love about each other

- find some old games you used to love and play

- activities:
*exercises (there are some fun, unusual suggestions on internet, so you might as well laugh a lot while taking care of your bodies)
*draw (you can put a list of paper on the wall and draw together - decide what to draw, make suggestions what you might add etc.)
*cook (mothers, now is the time to teach your kids how to cook)

3. DYI

There are plenty of videos on internet. Do something crafty. You probably have done some b-day cards for a family member when you were children, why not doing something like that again. You cam create some “Thank you”, “I love you” and etc. cards for the people you are currently spending time with.

4. Plant some seeds

Get some jar lids and plant bean or lentils seeds. Take turns to water them and watch them grow.
This way you will take care and look after something together. Those who have young children, could use it as a chance to theach them about responsibility and engage them in team work.

5. Create a plan about your future
You might include:
- your dream job
- your dream house/apartment
- your dream places to visit
- your future husband/wife and children

After you are done, think about how you can achieve it and act! We wish you to turn your dreams into reality!

6. Create a self-love list

This is something you should do from time to time. It’s a good way to boost your self-esteem. While writing down the things you love about yourself, ask the people around you as well. We bet you would be surprised by the answers.

7. Have a picnic 

Yes, you read that right. You cannot go out so why not having an indoor picnic instead? Just put a blanket and serve the food on the floor. We bet your kids would love it. Even if you don’t have children, doing something quite different and unusual like this would feel good.

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