How to Change Your Life | 2020

We cannot begin our journey without our willingness to do so and if we are not ready to face our fears and do whatever it takes to change, we will not begin the journey of self-development.

Willingness to change means that we choose to face our demons – the shadow side of ourselves that we do not want anyone to see and know about. Willingness to change means that we are ready to to stop hiding from ourselves. 

But Where to Start From? 

Stop using your phone so often

Don’t you just hate it when you are planning to just check up your notifications and leave the phone away 2 hours later? I definitely do hate it but for some reason it is so hard to stop.

In the age we live in, this is probably one of the biggest distractions we are facing. The videos of cute babies, puppies, kitties, facebook and other social media worldwide challenges (which in fact could turn out to be dangerous sometimes) and etc. could “eat” our time.

Excessive mobile phone use leads to poor concentration, poor mental health and sleeping problems. Not to mention that social media presents a distorted view on reality and we often get obsessed to look, live or behave like popular people, when in fact most it is a lie. 

I Don’t Know “HOW”

You love to use that excuse, don’t you? Me too! The modern era, that we live in, gives us an access to pretty much all kinds of information. You just need to open “Google” and do a bit of reading (I’d like to point out that reading books in fact is amazing way to train your brain and improve your cognitive functioning). 

Instead of saying “I don’t know how” take an action. Nobody is born with knowledge how to do certain things. It takes hard work to gain that knowledge. This excuse does nothing else but holding you back. 

You are the author and the editor of your life. If you don’t know how, just go and figure it out. “I don’t know how” just slows you down and steals your dreams away from you. 

Pay attention to the present

Your imagination could be your best friend but also your worst enemy. It’s okay to think about the future, re-write parts of our lives or create a happy place where you can run away from the grey, boring or scary and hurtful reality. I do it too sometimes.

However, creating an imaginary world could seriously hurt our connection with the real world. Especially, when we go through hard times. Imagination is too powerful so it’s important to find a balance and learn how to use it in your advantage. 

Change “bad” habits and behaviour

Sometimes life gets in the way and stuff happens especially during the busiest times in our life. Sometimes our motivation to change slips as the stress builds and life seems like a nightmare. In times like these we tend to create bad habits which further affect our mood, energy and motivation. At least, I do it... 

Write down what you like and dislike about yourself. Keep these notes and work on the habits you would like to change. Start changing them step by step, one after another. Don’t drastically change everything because that could bring more negativity than  positivity in your life. 

Having bad habits and behaviours does not make you a bad person. It just means that you’re a human being just like everybody else. Be proud of yourself for acknowledging the issues you have and the strength you posses to be working on them.

Set goals

Setting goals is a great thing if you do it right. Ever wonder why some people achieve their goals and you feel like you keep on NOT achieving yours? When you set goals do it SMART - S(specific); M(measurable); A(achievable); R(relevant); T(time-bound).

Don’t just set a goal such as “I want to be rich in 10 years”. Define your goal, write it down, think of the small steps you can take these 10 years in order to achieve it and follow them. 

Be Yourself

Do not try to copy people because everyone is unique in their own way. Unfortunately, the copy is never as good as the original. Do not lose yourself trying to be like someone else. The right people will like you just the way you are and because of who you are. 

I remember that at some point I was so obsessed with instagram influencers and I wanted to be like them so badly but as I said a while ago the copy is never as good as the original. Picture this, I was going to all those places, doing all those exercises, cooking all that food, just to take pictures for instagram. Sad, isn’t it. The problem was that I was never satisfied, I felt down all the time because nothing looked like the photos I saw on instagram. Since I stopped doing this, I feel much happier and comfortable with who I am. 

Final thoughts

As I said earlier you are the author and the editor of your life and you are the one who can change it. Willing to change and start doing so could be amazingly hard thing to do. It’s important to remember that time does not wait for anyone so don’t wait for the right time to come to start improving yourself. Wait no more, do it now! 

Thank you for your time! 
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