The Ugly Side of Blogging

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Blogging for the money

Don’t get me wrong. Many people earn a lot of money from their blogs and I think that’s great.  It’s lovely when people manage to make living from what they love doing! What I consider ugly is creating a blog only because of money. 

That kind of bloggers would pay few bucks to some struggling freelancers to write few profitable posts or would re-write few good articles, they saw a while ago in some popular blog and earn money from a piece of work that’s not even their own. 

The beauty of blogs is that people talk about their passion. The way they do it is so unique - every word, every picture, every story, every advice. It’s so beautiful how much time and creativity they invested in creating the whole thing. 

This is a brilliant way to express yourself. When I check somebody’s blog, I don’t just see some text, I see their personality. Unfortunately, some people are working hard taking all that away... 

People scoff at your blog for no reason

Some people just hate it to see others becoming successful and winning in life. They will blame you for your decision to earn money from  your passion. 

Blog, instagram, youtube, facebook, all of them are great examples of what I am talking about. I’ve seen people shaming bloggers and youtubers for spending the money they earned for themselves instead of giving it to some charity. Making fun of instagram influencers and telling them to get a “real” job. 

In fact, these modern jobs could end up being very stressful. Yes, you shouldn’t pay attention to what others say but in the end of the day, humans are social beings and no matter how hard they try not to take into consideration the mean comments they constantly read, they end up being hurt. 

Think about this next time when you are about to say something hurtful. Just imagine how you would feel, if you’ve heard such thing about yourself. 

Affiliate Programs

Some bloggers tho, advertise products that are a complete trash, just for some extra commission. Usually, when I check a product, I also look up if there are any recommendations from bloggers or other influencers that have tried the product and liked it.

I love reviews, videos/posts, I really enjoy watching influencers unpacking the product and giving a feedback about it. I am more keen on buying products that have been reviewed by influencers and let’s be honest many of you are too. 

The problem lately  is that you don’t know who to trust anymore. It is sad because there are so many legit blogs that you can actually trust but sometimes is hard to tell which ones are they.

Share Threads

Share threads... if you are a new blogger, you are probably feeling the pain right now. Share threads could be very useful, at the beginning. I’m not gonna lie, you can get a lot of traffic thanks to threads BUT whenever you can RUN! 

Many people do not follow rules, do not share your blog on their platforms, they don’t leave comments or even like your posts. I used to get likes from 16 out of 50 people participating in the thread... on the other hand, even though many people didn’t follow the rules I still got a lot of traffic to my blog. My point is do not avoid it but be quite careful with it. 


  1. I'm finding out about the last the hard way. I've been following the rules and commenting, sharing, or liking everyone's posts, but find that I barely get any reciprocation. It's frustrating but at least I helped others and some people returned the favors

  2. MeridianRaven I feel exactly the same way!


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