How to Keep Up In a Good Shape during Self-Isolation

Self-Isolation Daily Routine That Helps Me Lose Weight and Keep Up in A Good Shape

Hello loves, how’ve you been? I hope you are having a great day so far! I decided to post an update how’s my new daily routine going on as I started exercising regularly again so wanna keep those of you who are interested updated. 

Note: Some of the things I am about to mention down bellow are based on my overall experience during the years not just based on my current experience. 

I recently found this app  “Lifesum” (this is NOT a sponsored post) and I personally find it very useful in order to track my progress: what I eat and burn for a day. This way I can get an exact info which food helped me lose more weight because I eat lots of different things and combine it in different ways. Shortly, I will post an article with recipes I personally love and helped me with weight loss. 

I used to drink detox tea once per month and I am about to start again. Some people believe it doesn’t work, however I personally find it useful. As I said I drink it once per month not everyday. If you drink such tea make sure you will spend the next day at home otherwise DO NOT do it, I don’t want you to find the hard way why... 

I am doing intermittent fasting. Well, it’s not that I just started it, I am just not used to eat in the morning so it’s more like a lifestyle for me. I tried having breakfast many times but I don’t feel like eating in the morning so I decided that I am not going to force myself anymore. If I feel like eating I’ll eat. 

However, I still eat 4-5 times between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. I just have smaller portions of food. 

I work out twice everyday for about 30 minutes per session. I do mainly legs and abs exercises. However, I consider that as a big mistake because I feel such a horrible pain for the last two days. I feel the need to take longer breaks on every 5-10 minutes after starting working out. I am about to change my routine and do one day abs only, then the next day legs, then booty and so on. 

Sooo, this is me 14 days after exercising regularly

I would like to mention that I do exercise from time to time, that’s why I get in shape quite fast. 

And that’s me 2 weeks earlier. Don’t judge lol


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